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"A new scientific truth triumphs not because its opponents are convinced and see the light, but rather because they eventually die, and in their place a new generation is formed to which the new concepts become familiar."


Max Planck


The 'Academy': the second step that follows the contents of the Wiki, attributable to the Charity and expresses its potential as a 'social benefit' still relatively indirectly on citizenship as the doctor and/or dentist will be able to achieve training theoretical, on topics covered in the Wiki, to be transferred, at least conceptually, to the patient.

The video courses will therefore be in the 'Online learning blog' section as well as on a dedicated Youtube channel

Training, however, cannot only be remote and it is precisely at this stage that a 'Residential updating' section has been conceived in which the colleague will have the opportunity to practically learn the methods now well-received through the Wiki and the video courses in the section 'Online learning blog'.

Residential qualifications are essentially the entrance gate to become part of the Masticationpedia operational team in which the project takes shape from a direct social benefit point of view.

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Telematic updating

Online learning blog

As reported in the 'Academy' section, the paradigmatic innovation work begins with the Wiki but is learned through two phases: the 'Professional updating' which we will talk about from now on and the more performing and practical 'Residential Qualification'.

This first phase essentially consists of video courses on various topics such as the chapters of the Wiki and those referring to complex dental procedures that require specific know-how to be better appreciated.

The video courses referable to the Wiki, those that substantially convert the written to spoken language more appreciated for its fluidity and less dispersion of energy, will be available in the "Explore our online learning blog" section and will be free access while those concerning dental procedures from the simple to complex to encroach on experimental or at least non-routine methodologies, will be available only for members and will have a cost considered as support to the Masticationpedia project.

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