Strumenti dentali in tasca
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In the section concerning the indirect social benefit, a dynamic updating model was thought of in which, in addition to following the video courses, it is possible to activate a discussion that stimulates the Masticationpedia Community to implement other topics, projects and videos as well as propose suggestions, to the correction and translation of the contents and anything else necessary for the continuity of the project.

The 'Online learning blog' is basically a video gallery presented in the form of a blog in which you can find public topics in free access and more specialized and thematic courses, some of which will only be visible to blog members in good standing with the annual subscription.

The subscription, obviously only formal, is consideration as support to the charity for the continuation and implementation of the project.

All the contents of the online learning blog called posts will be placed in the window below, but they can also be selected by following the categories presentation menu.

Once the scientific philosophy of Masticationpedia is understood and the clinical procedures learned from the videos in the Academy, the learner will be able to access the 'Residential updating'