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Crisis of Paradigm


Research Diagnostic Criteria (RDC)

  • ​​​Masticatory cycles

    • Jaw opening width

    • Speed of mandibular movement

    • Complexity of chewing kinematics​

Temporomandibular Joint

  • Computerized Tomography of the TMJ

  • Magnetic resonance imaging of the TMJ

Mandibular kinematic replicators

  • Advantages and limits of  Kinematic replicators

    • Pantography

    • Axiography

    • Electrognatography

Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation

  • Free way space before stimulation

  • Free way space after stimulation

  • Closing trajectory from TENS

Electromyography (EMG)

  • EMG  Interferential pattern

  • EMG at rest position

  • Quantitative analysis of the EMG 

    • Fourier transform

    • Wavelett

Conclusions to the Paradigm crisis chapter

  • Incompleteness in the 'Research Diagnostic Criteria'

  • Need for a new paradigm

Extraordinary science


Masticatory Neurophysiology 

  • Center of the Masticatory Pattern

  • Mesencephalic mechanisms

  • Trigeminal Motor nucleus

Sensory network

  • Proprioceptive mechanisms

    • Neuromuscular spindles

    • Sensory mechanisms from the depressor muscles

    • Golgi Tendon Organs

  • Role of impulses from the neck muscles

  • Periodontal and Oral Sensory Factors

  • Pharyngeal sensory factors

  • Reflex of mandibular closure

  • Sensory factors of the TMJ

Trigeminal System Connectivity

  • Definition of the Fundamental Unit

  • Structural and functional connectivity Separation

  • Understanding of "Emergent Behavior"

  • Connectivity measurement

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