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Heritage of Humanity

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The Complex Systems: Masticationpedia Chapter pubblished

Exploring electroencephalography with a model inspired by quantum mechanics: Masticationpedia sub.chapter topic correlated

Masticatory cycles: Masticationpedia Chapter pubblished

Normal Science



Hemimasticatory spasm​



Occlusion and Posture

  • 3° Clinical case: Meningioma

  • Encrypted code: Motor Evoked Myogenic potentials


Orofacial Pain

  • 4° Clinical case: Temporomandibular disorders

  • 5° Clinical case: Spontaneous Electromyographic Activity

  • Encrypted code: The trigeminal symmetry

Are we sure to know everything?

  • 6° Clinical case: Brainstem neoplasm in Orofacial pain

  • 7° Clinical case: Trigeminal neurodegenerative pathology
  • Conclusion of Normal Science chapter 

Crisis of Paradigm


Research Diagnostic Criteria (RDC)

  • ​​​Masticatory cycles

    • Jaw opening width

    • Speed of mandibular movement

    • Complexity of chewing kinematics​

Temporomandibular Joint

  • Computerized Tomography of the TMJ

  • Magnetic resonance imaging of the TMJ

Mandibular kinematic replicators

  • Advantages and limits of  Kinematic replicators

    • Pantography

    • Axiography

    • Electrognatography

Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation

  • Free way space before stimulation

  • Free way space after stimulation

  • Closing trajectory from TENS

Electromyography (EMG)

  • EMG  Interferential pattern

  • EMG at rest position

  • Quantitative analysis of the EMG 

    • Fourier transform

    • Wavelett

Conclusions to the Paradigm crisis chapter

  • Incompleteness in the 'Research Diagnostic Criteria'

  • Need for a new paradigm

Extraordinary science


 Masticatory Neurophysiology  

  • Center of the Masticatory Pattern

  • Mesencephalic mechanisms

  • Trigeminal Motor nucleus

Sensory network

  • Proprioceptive mechanisms

    • Neuromuscular spindles

    • Sensory mechanisms from the depressor muscles

    • Golgi Tendon Organs

  • Role of impulses from the neck muscles

  • Periodontal and Oral Sensory Factors

  • Pharyngeal sensory factors

  • Reflex of mandibular closure

  • Sensory factors of the TMJ

Trigeminal System Connectivity

  • Definition of the Fundamental Unit

  • Structural and functional connectivity Separation

  • Understanding of "Emergent Behavior"

  • Connectivity measurement

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The scientific and editorial work of Masticationpedia is an innovative model but one of considerable complexity and vastness. Innovative because it follows a conceptual aim, that of the rehabilitation of the masticatory system, for which all the contents will be responsive to this target. Complex for the contents that will never be considered certain but in continuous evolution through the desirable brainstorming that will be generated at each chapter on the 'Discussion' page. Vast for multilingual publishing that requires real technical support.

All this can be achieved faster with the help of the International Dental Community which, through corrections, suggestions and translations of the chapters, will be able to complete a pharaonic work and make it a

'Heritage of Humanity '

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The founder of Masticationpedia

Gianni Frisardi

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