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The social scientific philosophy of Masticationpedia, described in some passages on the site, is essentially that of transferring knowledge about particular and complex rehabilitation procedures of the masticatory system, bypassing any speculative form of human intellectual potential.

The E-learning program concerns a series of update courses in the medical field, notably in rehabilitative dentistry, accredited by the CPD

(always check if they are recognized by your Country for the places where you practice your medical profession)

Being a very complex project, it requires huge editorial workloads as well as a non-negligible professional preparation; the costs might become unsustainable, without a helping contribution by the end-user (a learner or a patient).

For this reason, a series of economic support plans are proposed to give continuity to the project.

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"Science is an essentially anarchist enterprise that does not recognize any constraint to its activity or any authority above itself, not even reason.


Paul Karl Feyerabend

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