The Charity

Masticationpedia is a Charity, a not-for-profit organisation under British law (UK). Its purpose is to promote studies on mastication.

It exclusively pursues public utility purposes through two macro-paths of expected realization:

  1. The dissemination of knowledge in the field of Masticatory System Rehabilitation, ranging from orthodontic to implant-prosthetic ones, and also touching on borderline fields such as cognitive processes and the relationship between these and masticatory functions.
  2. The paradigmatic Clinical Innovation in medical diagnostics in general and, more specifically, in the diagnosis of oro-facial pain, oro-mandibular neuromotor disorders, and temporomandibular dysfunctions.
    It also focuses on the prevention of iatrogenic pathologies from incongruous rehabilitative dental procedures and on relationships between masticatory system, neurodegenerative pathologies and senile dementia.

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Masticationpedia is a charity, a not-for-profit organization operating in dentistry medical research, particularly focusing on the field of the neurophysiology of the masticatory system