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Masticationpedia Education Center pilot (Italy):

Education Centers are a very delicate point because they are based on a paradigmatic change that of a neurophysiological and stochastic vision of masticatory functions, drastically emerging from the reductionist dynamics deriving from chewing biomechanics.

This work is complex and laborious because it has to unhinge the opinions and conventions acquired by orthodox dentistry from orthodontics to rehabilitative prostheses.

The rigor of the clinical scientific setting has suggested that we set up a single pilot center that of the Dott. Gianni Frisardi in Nettuno (Rome) as didactic and experimental referent for all the Education Centers that will be realized in the world.

Each State will be able to have only one Education Center to keep the guideline set increasingly rigorous.

The training course is the founding basis of the Direct Social Benefit for which the orthodontic, prosthetic and integrated approach follows a triple address. The training for the Orthodontic course is called "Entry Level" and the Rehabilitation Prosthetic and Implant Prosthetic "Basic Level" while the training course for an additional integrated level addressed to Universities, Specialization Centers and public and private structures that consider it an added value is called "Advanced Level".

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Entry level

The Entry Level training is exclusively Orthodontic and consists of two courses: one mainly orthodontic in which theoretical-practical lessons will be followed on the most accredited orthodontic techniques and the other neuro-gnathological which will complete the training course by transferring the ability to interpret data to the colleague trigeminal neuro evoked to better plan, follow and reduce any chewing problems and relapses of orthodontic treatments. The treatments that the affiliate will follow in the training course are of high complexity and the topics covered will be analyzed under a trigeminal electrophysiological profile so that the responses to the strategic therapeutic choice will no longer be subjective but exclusively objective ...


Basic level

The training for the Basic Level concerning exclusively the Prosthetic Rehabilitation profile is composed of several courses that will allow the franchisee not only an in-depth knowledge of all the topics and technical and clinical prosthetic rehabilitation plans but above all it will allow the franchisee to know how to stratify a structure in Zirconium, to use guided surgery in the best possible way and to complete an innovative Neuro Gnathological specialist will be able to quantify, with objective data, the efficiency of the implantoprosthetic rehabilitation performed.


          Advanced level

The training for the 'Advanced level' includes everything that has been described in the previous levels and in addition an advancement both of an instrumental neurophysiological type by operating with magnetic stimulators instead of electric stimulators and at the same time being able to make the work of a Milling Center. The colleague will have the ability to perform modeling

CAD, milling zirconium wafers and ultimately layering or coloring the prosthetic product. With this course, a maximum level similar to the 'Pilot Education Center' is reached as a Center for Chewing Neurophysiology plus Braking Center. After having trained with the Advanced level, the colleague can calmly think of creating his own mailing structure with unparalleled accuracy on the job but above all aware of the structural and instrumental limits in use or take advantage of the Milling Centers of Masticationpedia.

We keep in mind, first of all, that the goal of a Charity is still the common good or better still, the social benefit. However, Masticationpedia stands out for having a double model that of the Indirect Social Benefit and the Direct Social Benefit.

Direct Social Benefit

By direct social benefit we essentially mean the transformation of all the cultural, scientific and clinical work over time disseminated through the chapters of the Masticationpedia Wiki platform and the 'Academy' into a useful and concrete social model in which patients can take advantage of technologically based methods. advance without wasting time, suffering and money.


Once the training course has been completed and the entry level rather than the advanced level has been chosen, the colleague will be interviewed by the members of the Scientific Community of Masticationpedia to evaluate his interest in becoming a member of the team and have the license to use and brand. for its own Masticationpedia Network Center. In this way the colleague will also acquire the advantages reserved for enabled colleagues such as telematic support, periodic updating and advertising of his own Center included in the Masticationpedia Network group. See the Masticationpedia Networks already in place.

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