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Gianni Falconieri
Physic research collaborator in the field of neurocognitive processes  at the Intelligence Project Falconieri

Gianni Falconieri.jpg

Curriculum vitae

Dr Gianni Falconieri

General informations

Surname: Falconieri.

Christian name: Gianni.

Place and date of birth:

Nardò (Lecce), 03 February 1973.

Correspondence address: Enrico Medi Institute, Via Antonio Scorrano, 6 - 73044 Galatone (LE).

Fax: 0833/865632/865235


Titles and activities

1998: Degree in Physics at the University of Lecce.

1999: SSIS Puglia specialization school.

1999-2000 Qualifications in Mathematics and Physics through an ordinary competition.

1999-2006: Collaborations with the Faculties of Philosophy and Educational Science in the field of professional training of teachers.

2001-today: Physics teacher at numerous secondary schools; current ordinary service at the I.I.S.S. Enrico Medi of Galatone (Lecce).

2012-today: Holder of the Falconieri Study Protocol;

2018-present: Lecturer at the Intelligence Project Falconieri. 2005-today: Artistic production in the pictorial field.

1983-today: Music production in the field of piano composition.

2005-today: research in the field of scientific methodologies applied to art; 1998-present; search for physical models in learning processes;

1998-present: cognitive neuroscience.

2022-2023: Project "Innovate at 360°: AR, VR, AI".

2005-present: Computational Models in Physics and Artificial Intelligence.

Production: author of over 200 works of art including musical and pictorial and scientific models applied to art.


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