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Strumenti dentali in tasca

Vittorio Azzali
Graduated in Theoretical Physics



  • Graduate from classical high school and graduate in theoretical physics.

  • Associated of Mensa Italia - The High I.Q. Society.

  • Top-tag (logic, basic mathematics, advanced mathematics, basic physics, advanced physics) at the Web company for the Educational sector in Italy.

  • Swift programming knowledge and websites.

  • Advanced writing learning in Latex and productivity applications of both Windows and MacOs.

  • Productivity applications and Windows



  • Winner of multiple awards of musical and poetic writing criticism.

  • Deep knowledge of DAW production software (Digital Audio Workstation).

  • Deep knowledge of video editing applications.

  • Musical publications at the Universe Spa, Walkman Srl, Hit Mania Dance.

  • Musical capacity for composition, singing, guitar and piano.

  • Model and photodel at major international brands.

  • Actor at fiction and Videoclip (Art Name Victorio Soleo).

  • Agonist, tank-athlete at the Two Sporting Club.

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