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         "Measure what is measurable and make measurable what is not."

Galileo Galilei

Masticationpedia is made up of a group of doctors, dentists and other professionals (such as engineers, mathematicians or physicists) who after a life spent in professionalism and scientific research have developed the idea of transferring part of their know-how to humanity.
They wish to stimulate new research and encourage new studies through one of the most sensational and democratic communication tools of the last century: the Wiki.

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Welcome by Director

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Dear friends,


my dearest welcome to the Masticationpedia Project and its wiki.

This site is a communication tool, and at the same time a place of collaboration among those interested in the study of possible evolutions of Medicine, specifically of Dentistry, and for this reason it is a highly interactive site; a "wiki" [1], in fact, by express choice.

It is the wiki of the Charity, a non-profit British law organisation that aims to cultivate the studies and insights of the Medical Disciplines in the field of chewing (mastication in English and in scientific literature, hence the name).

To clarify why Masticationpedia, and for what purpose it could respond, we could start from a point of philosophy of science, remembering that not always in the history of the mankind there have been unequivocally certain answers, because an answer can be coherent today and inconsistent tomorrow; and viceversa. Socrates, probably the first to become interested in gnoseology, said that what is essential is intuition, and along with it is pursuing the progress of knowledge through discussion.

Masticationpedia in this sense is essentially, to use Feyerabend's words, an "Anarchist Process"[2] in which colleagues, scientists and researchers donate a part of their knowledge in the field of neuroscience of the masticatory system and oral rehabilitation; it is this form of giving, the primum movens of the project.
At the same time, this process implements the progress of Basic Science because it is not committed to achieve predefined strategic editorial objectives such as "Open Access", nor to non-specific scientific weights such as the "Impact Factor"[3].


The principle of this initiative, therefore, is to raise awareness among Colleagues to appreciate the gift of intelligence as an "empathic process" in which everyone recognizes each other because the progress of science exponentially increases only through the "paradigmatic innovations", typical of human genius and absolutely not comparable to "Incremental Innovations".

I wish that the contents that we present and produce here can be clear and understandable to everyone, especially patients; unfortunately it is not always possible to simplify, the subjects we deal with are complex and highly specialized, and first of all we have to deal with them, and consequently we talk about them, with scientific language.
I do hope however that this does not appear as an exclusion, because the aim of the project is the opposite; but I would like to thank in advance all those who will collaborate to clarify the most difficult steps, and help us in providing the answers that we will be happy to provide.

This project is dedicated to patients, this is an unchangeable cornerstone of everything you will read here.

Best regards

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We believe that it will not be short but it will encourage the dialectic of research, academic collaborations and the dissemination of knowledge that anyone can freely benefit from. We do not bring a finished, pre-packaged scientific product online. We humbly offer a starting point, built for some time, for the development of new scientific knowledge and the growth of the discipline that will evolve in the Wiki and then condense into a training section through the 'Academy' where you can appreciate the added value both of the indirect social benefit, as already stated, and of the direct social benefit with the creation of a Masticationpedia Network.


  1.  A "wiki", according to Wikipedia's definition, is «a knowledge base website on which users collaboratively modify and structure content directly from a web browser»

  2. Paul Feyerabend in Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: First published Tue Aug 26, 1997; substantive revision Mon Aug 24, 2020

  3. See The Guardian, Nobel winner declares boycott of top science journals (interview: Randy Schekman), and Fulci Roberta, «Una wikireview per gli articoli scientifici», in Le Scienze, Scientific American, 2012. 

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