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Strumenti dentali in tasca

Margo Every
Victoria University, Wellington. Studies in psychology, zoology and botany

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Margo Every graduated as a teacher in 1965 from Christchurch Teachers College. Christchurch, New Zealand. She has completed an LTCL (Trinity College London License) in Speech and Theater. Her life skills have developed in 2 main directions and specifically on scientific studies of paleoanthropology, psychology and human behavior and on dental studies of the behavior of bruxism together with Australian and New Zealand researchers who follow the teachings of Dr. R G Every who published his articles in prestigious journals such as the Lancet:The significance of extreme mandibular movements in 1960.

In particular:


  • 1968. Victoria University, Wellington. Studies in psychology, zoology and botany.

  • 1969. Science teacher, Upper Hutt College. Specialist Speech Therapy consultant.

  • 1970. Margo and her husband traveled to England where they began an itinerant but diversified scientific life and complete studies.

  • 1973. Max Planck Institute for Science, Tübingen, Germany. Laboratory science technician. Future work experience and qualifications in New Zeland

  • 1980. Graduated in broadcasting and media studies, Christchurch Polytechnic. Community Work

  • 1985: Member of the Christchurch Promotion Association. Regional Development, and Advertising.

  • 1987: Writer of Historic Walk and sites for the Lyttelton Harbor Museum Society.

  • 2000 - 2012. Counseling Skills. Qualification: "Humanities and Decision-Making Counseling" -from the Counseling Skills lnstitute NZ Ltd. She has become an independent consultant.

   2015 - Until today:

Science Projects: Co-writer, editor, and compiler with a collaboration of dental surgeons and scientists from New Zealand and Australia, who write articles on the research work of Dr. RG Every, dental surgeon, paleoanthropologist, who revealed the innate "grinding/sharpening of teeth" phenomenon (tegotics) in humans and mammals (see Lancet:The significance of extreme mandibular movements1960)

Margo collaborates with Dr Kevin Scally, Specialist in Restorative and Tegotic Dentistry. She argues  Dr. RG Every's research, "The tegotic model", is a specific class of behaviour, within the paradigm of bruxism, that has the biological advantage of innate behaviour, a mechanism, that sharpens, whets and hones our teeth.


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