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Due to the intrinsic social vocation of the Masticationpedia project, the Frisardi Dental Center, in accordance with the aims of the Anglo-Saxon Charities, places itself at the disposal of citizens with the first social project, that of diagnostics in ‘Orofacial pains’. If you want to know more about the importance of early diagnosis in orofacial pain, view the video below.

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The video shows advanced trigeminal electrophysiology technology transferred from the neurophysiology laboratories to the gnathology and chewing rehabilitation clinic. Very detailed in the diagnostics of orofacial pain in temporomandibular disorders as well as an essential tool in prosthetic and orthodontic implant rehabilitation.

This first social initiative, it is good to know in order to understand the clarity of intentions, is linked to the rigor of the Anglo-Saxon laws that regulate the operation of the Charities.

By law, the Charities cannot redistribute profits nor pay the trustees, who are basically the founding members. This initiative, therefore, is a direct social benefit and the contribution of all the professionals who share this initiative is essentially a deeply ethical and personal choice. Obviously, everything will be related to the number of patients requesting the service and the financial resources available to the Charity. This means that the diagnostic initiative will be able to disseminate know-how, social benefits through a model called ‘Bootstrapping’ of which we will give a brief explanation.

1st Social project

'Orofacial pain diagnosis'

When there are cases like the one in figure 1 ( see below) and many others that will be described in the Masticationpedia Wiki, we cannot stop at the mono-specialized know-how because life is a ‘complex system’ and requires multidimensional knowledge. Masticationopedia arose on these social scientific foundations and seeks to support patients with complex problems such as orofacial pain. Figure 1: Patient suffering from bruxism and treated for 10 years with a dental biteplane. Referring to our attention, the trigeminal electrophysiological tests indicated a strong central hypercitability such as to require a MR with contrast. The diagnosis was of Pineal Cavernoma (see yellow arrow). Currently the patient is healthy and without biteplane. (see Behav Brain Funct)

The Frisardi Masticationpedia Network, like the other qualified and affiliates, makes its professionalism available



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Bootstrapping can exist only and only if you give the right value to