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Strumenti dentali in tasca

Natalia Pichierri
Graduated in Engineering

Recent activities

2022: Winner and assignee of the INPS scholarship - Executive Master for Public Administration Engineering c/o University of Rome Torvergata.


Since 2019: Lecturer of Strategic Planning course with focus on Public Administration, management of complex organizations, state accounting, cybersecurity in PA, lean thinking and soft skills and leadership development c/o Master of II level "Management of School, Educational and Training Institutions" (MIS) of the University of Rome Torvergata.


Since September 2021: Professor of Computer Science and Technology as winner of the competition for titles and examinations for teaching in the secondary school of II called by MIUR 2020 with DD n 510 of April 23, 2020, until August 31, 2021 TI teacher for the cdc Technology and Technical Drawing winner of public competition for titles and examinations called by MIUR with D.D.G. N. 106 of February 23, 2016.

Winner of the Competition to Chair convened by MIUR with D.D. No. 499 of April 21, 2020 and - D.D. 826 of 11/06/2021 (Ordinary Competition - STEM - 2021)


Training Engineer for Leonardo Technical Training for the teachings of Lean Manufacturing, Company 4.0, Cybersecurity and Soft Skills for the locations of Pomigliano, Nola, Grottaglie and Foggia (from May 2021). Responsible for the selection and coordination of human resources for the activities of updating staff for the company Leonardo LTT.


Engineer trainer and examiner for Cybersecurity CompTIA Security+ and Ethical Hacker, Java Oracle, Cisco certifications.


Engineer trainer, Consultant, Didactic Coordinator and Responsible for relations with external organizations for the training "Paths Cybersecurity" on behalf of the Order of Accountants and Accounting Experts of Perugia (ODCEC), ODCEC of Rome, Sole24Ore, Co.Ne.Pro and Rai in collaboration with the University of Rome Torvergata and Sapienza.


Designer and tester winner of several public notices selected for titles and interviews for various actions MIUR on educational innovation and application of technology in public school institutions


Winner of the selection for n. 5 staff units, belonging to the role of Headmaster or Teacher, pursuant to art. 26, paragraph 8, of Law n. 448/1998 and smi to be assigned, in a position of out of tenure, to the General Directorate for Contracts, Purchases, Information Systems and Statistics, for the performance of tasks related to school autonomy for the school years 2019/2020, 2020/2021, 2021/2022.


Study paths

2019 - Master's degree of II level in "The Leadership of School Institutions (Mundis)". UNIVERSITY 'DEGLI STUDI DI ROMA TORVERGATA with internship activities of 100 hours to work alongside the Head of School. VOTE 110 and praise


2015 - Master of I level in "Sonic Arts - Technologies and Arts of Sound" UNIVERSITY 'OF THE STUDIES OF ROME TORVERGATA Thesis: Music Emotion Recognition VOTE 110 and Praise



2012-2013 TFA Course, Habilitation to teach Technology (exA033) UNIVERSITY 'OF ROME TRE


2008-2009 Master of I level in "Sonic Arts - Technologies and Arts of Sound" UNIVERSITY OF TORVERGATA ROME Thesis: application of Support Vector Machines for the recognition of tonality and modulation of Bach chorales. VOTE 110 e LODE


2007 - Ten-year Institutional Degree in Piano V.O. (Conservatory) VOTO 10 LODE and SPECIAL MENTION


2007 - Qualification to practice as Industrial Engineer


From 22-10-2004 to 13-12-2006 - Bachelor of Science in e-business management UNIVERSITY OF LECCE Thesis: Definition of a model for the evaluation of Industrial Districts according to the Basel 2 directives used for the design and implementation of a directional dashboard for the monitoring of the districts. VOTE 110 e LODE



Other working experiences


RAI: Production engineer in Radio and Television


DIA - Anti-Mafia Investigative Directorate - Rome (Ministry of Interior): IT trainer for the safe development of App environment iOS - Swift


Honda Motors Spa - Bitnet SRL in Rome: Direction and coordination of design and development activities of Mobile Application in Android for the Research & Development Dept.


Master Sonic Arts for the faculty "Torvergata Roma" - University of California Irvine, Dept. of Cognitive Sciences & Dept. Of Dance: Development activities in Java of a research project for the Audio Mood Classification in reference to the studies of Music Emotion Recognition.


Faculty of Engineering RomaTre - Apple: Lecturer in Swift for the lessons of the project "Apple Meets RomaTre".


Accademia Informatica di Roma: Design, development and training coordination for the "Development of applications: Android mobile programming" belonging to the plan 20150211LZAZ008 "Recovery, competitiveness and training for the retraining of skills" authorized and funded by Resolution C.d.A. of FAPI n. 20 of 29/04/2016 and subsequent additions, with Classroom Teaching: Programming for Android, and - FAD Teaching


Apple Teacher Learning Center: Teacher trainer for updating teachers in the digital field winner of public notice of selection by titles for the I.C. Giovanni XXIII of Sava (Ta) for PNSD (National Digital School Plan) Action 7 - project creator iDea "italy Developing education application".


Technical skills


Known programming languages: Java, C, C++, Android, Objective-C, Swift, MATLAB, RStatistics, MySql, Php, Jsp, Python, JavaScript. Advanced proficiency with HTML and CSS for building websites. Advanced knowledge of UML , Kali Linux and various Penetration Test tools. Excellent knowledge and use of the office package.


Other software used: SPSS, R-Statistics, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Arduino, Mastercam and Vericat (mechanical design); Minitab (statistics); Lingo (optimization);; Pinnacle Holliwood FX; Photo Shop, Avid.

Enterprise management platforms: Extendo (CRM, ERP, BI, SCM); Sugar CRM; Marvelit BI; Pentaho; Sap.


Music software: Logic, Cubase, Max msp; Adobe audition; Finale; Sibelius, Matlab Miditoolbox, Neutraton Sibelius, Protools, WaveLab, Console Cantus, DHD, Soundcraft.

Software for the evaluation of energy performance: Docet, Mc



Mister-Bart: Project Manager for the design and development of the e-commerce side.

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