Masticationpedia Network: If the Wiki can be considered the “primum movens” of the Masticationpedia project and the “Academy” the tool with which scientific and clinical contents are transferred to the Dental Community, then Masticationpedia Network is the Direct Social Benefit‘.

The progress of science has a long latency in spreading and it is right that it is, but it is not uncommon for cognitive objects bound by industrial, speculative and propaganda contexts to have an immediate grip on the scientific community.

The ‘time’ is what differentiates us from other respectable entities, that time spanning 30 years in which Dr. Frisardi Gianni in the first place and then with the many collaborators of different specialized backgrounds (see Scientific Community) took to understand if what he proposed that he had a real and superimposable response to clinical reality.

We went further, transferring very important procedures from the research laboratories in neurophysiology to the field of dentistry and in particular in masticatory rehabilitation. A significant article of what is being asserted and which has anticipated the times of at least 20 years on the use of magnetic stimulators in gnathology or the article that has indicated a neurophysiological vision of bruxism to the dental world is irrefutable proof.

From these assumptions, Masticationpedia was born and the Networks that are the direct social aim of the project, that of making citizens understand that the chewing organ has an added value on the well-being of the individual and that it must be respected as much as other organs such as the heart, the brain and pancreas and that certainly should not be placed in the hands of improvised people and perhaps with ambiguous intentions.

Therefore, we have created specialized centres where only complex clinical cases of masticatory rehabilitation are treated, from orthodontics to implant prosthetics. Unlike the ‘Education Centers’, the Masticationpedia Networks in each state can be of an unlimited number, thus allowing a wider diffusion of the operating philosophy and direct social benefits.

Each member who has acquired the know-how to become part of Masticationpedia must in addition to be enabled to sign an agreement between the parties in which the colleague undertakes to dedicate a part of his time and work to the direct social benefit by performing specialized services in the form of donation. Obviously, this commitment will have the return of the image of the colleague enabled in the Masticationpedia platform as in the case illustrated below.

The Masticationpedia Networks already operating in the world are obviously in Italy from where this initiative started and precisely the ‘Frisardi Masticationpedia Network‘ of Rome and the ‘Fontana Masticationpedia Network’ of Como.