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“Theory is when you know everything but nothing works. Practice is when everything works but no one knows why. In any case, we always end up combining theory with practice: nothing works and nobody knows why… ”.

Albert Einstein

For a faster and more concrete understanding of the idea on which the Masticationpedia project is built, it would be advisable to follow the reading sequence highlighted in yellow or skip and enter directly in the section …..

Masticationpedia is a non-profit Anglo-Saxon organization and therefore a Charity that operates in dental medical research, in particular in the field of neurophysiology of masticatory rehabilitation. A place for scientific and professional sharing where everyone can acquire essential information on innovative clinical procedures, from the humble scientist to the inexperienced citizen. A place where colleagues can grow freely and democratically and where citizens can obtain documented information for their health.



Masticationpedia is a charity, a non-profit charity under British law (UK). Its purpose is to promote studies on chewing and functional connections with important neurosensomotor centers of the Central Nervous System.
It exclusively pursues public utility purposes through two macro-paths of planned realization:

  1. the first, that of the dissemination of knowledge in the field of Masticatory System Rehabilitation, ranging from orthodontic to implant-prosthetic ones and also touching border-line fields such as cognitive processes and the relationship between these and masticatory functions;
  2. the second, the clinical paradigmatic innovation in medical diagnostics in general and, more specifically, in the diagnostics of oro-facial pain, of oro-mandibular neuromotor disorders, of temporomandibular dysfunctions, as well as the prevention of iatrogenic pathologies from incongruous rehabilitative dental procedures and relationships between the masticatory system and neurodegenerative diseases and senile dementias.

We keep in mind, first of all, that the goal of a Charity is still the common good or better still, the social benefit. However, Masticationpedia stands out for having a double model that of the Indirect Social Benefit and the Direct Social Benefit.

Indirect Social Benefit ​

By indirect social benefit we mean all the cultural, scientific and clinical work that will be disseminated over time through the chapters of the Masticationpedia platform called Wiki and the refresher courses offered in the Academy section. Following the path highlighted in yellow we will further deepen the contents. As for the Wiki, obviously the lexicon is scientific and reserved for insiders but leaving aside the technical details and specialist formalisms, conceptually, the common reader will be able to draw useful information for their general health and in particular for chewing. From the scientific arguments reported on the platform and the reason for free implementation (only members can activate a discussion), the Professional updating section is outlined, which is basically a way to make the specific topics covered in the Wiki practical and usable to the dentist colleague. These two passages, the Wiki and the Telematic updating, respond to an essentially informative and training profile that can be represented in an indirect social benefit model, in the sense that citizens acquire the benefit deriving from the awareness and theoretical training of their dentists.