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Welcome to Masticationpedia
The online learning resource for Oral Rehabilitation

What is Masticationpedia, How to follow it and Why to enroll

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What is it 

Masticationpedia is a not-for--profit Anglo-Saxon organization, it is a Charity that operates in dental medical research, in particular in the field of neurophysiology of masticatory rehabilitation.
A place for scientific and professional sharing where anyone can acquire essential information on innovative clinical procedures, from the humble scientist to the inexperienced citizen.
A place where Colleagues can grow freely and democratically and where citizens can obtain documented information for their health.

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How to follow it

You can easily start following now, from here, all the chapters that we will publish in the Masticationpedia's wiki, with fewer restrictions than on the official platform
You can always subscribe there if you are interested in becoming an editor and contributing to the evolution of the project.


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Why to enroll 

Registering with Masticationpedia will allow you to browse the Wiki Masticationpedia platform in total autonomy and to the fullest of your potential, contributing both to the discussion of the topics and to the creation of the contents. Upon registration, you will be sent a password that will allow you to be considered a full member of the Masticationpedia wiki with editor permissions. If anything, it will be of interest to you and sensitized to share the scientific and social purposes, you can follow the training course that will allow you to become part of the Masticationpedia Network



The theory is when we know everything but nothing works. Practice is when everything works but we don't know why. In any case, we always end up with combining theory with practice: nothing works and we don't know why.

Albert Einstein