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is a charitable not-for-profit organization that operates in dentistry medical research,
particularly on the field of the neurophysiology of the masticatory system.

Differential diagnosis for organic and functional masticatory pathologies, and for demyelinating diseases and brain tumors, senile dementia or other neurodegenerative diseases: this is what we work on.
We investigate mastication's neurophysiology, in particular the Neuro Gnathological Functions (NGF) and we are here to spread this knowledge to professionals, researchers, and general public.

It is the object of The Charity to provide professionals and patients with the results of studies on neurophysiological procedures, technologies and methodologies applied to the prosthetic, orthodontic and maxillofacial rehabilitation disciplines.

Part of the mission is to build a corpus of free knowledge that is available to the community and released with a free licence.
Sharing is one of the project objectives, in order to make this knowledge as useful as possible; for this reason, all collaborations aimed at giving depth to the results of the studies are welcome.
Masticationpedia is committed to promote the interdisciplinary exchange of experiences and technical-scientific knowledge between scholars and interested parties.

Masticationpedia project consists of three phases, carried out with an ordered temporal cadence.

Masticationpedia is a charity, a not-for-profit organization operating in dentistry medical research, particularly focusing on the field of the neurophysiology of the masticatory system

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