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What is it 

Masticationpedia is a not-for--profit Anglo-Saxon organization, it is a Charity that operates in dental medical research, in particular in the field of neurophysiology of masticatory rehabilitation.
A place for scientific and professional sharing where anyone can acquire essential information on innovative clinical procedures, from the humble scientist to the inexperienced citizen.
A place where Colleagues can grow freely and democratically and where citizens can obtain documented information for their health.

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What is Masticationpedia, How to follow it and Why to enroll

How to follow it

We know well that in the myriad of scientific journals, training courses and anything else the profession is becoming inflated with repetitive and sometimes incomplete news. It is therefore legitimate to ask ourselves: 'What is the cultural and professional contribution coming from Masticationpedia

For this reason, we present a preview of one of the concluding chapters in which the scientific and editorial philosophy that Masticationpedia aims to transmit is evident.

Why to enroll 

Einstein's metaphor is emblematic: the theory is when we know everything but nothing works. Practice is when everything works but we don't know why. In any case, we always combine theory and practice: nothing works and we don't know why. Basically, this also happens in dentistry where everything doesn't work and we don't know why.

Well, Masticationpedia aims to probe the functional properties of the masticatory functions, ranging in various fields of science without prejudices or corporate ideologies to grasp the access key to the system.

If shared, this scientific-clinical know-how will be converted into specific 'Centers' that will employ neurophysiological technologies for masticatory rehabilitation called Masticationpedia Network and will be the exclusive brand of each affiliated dentist.

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